Slow Mornings in Safe Havens (Plant Based Living)

slow mornings, safe havens, dysfunctional home, adult child of an alocholic, toast, coffee, slow living

The sun slips through my window in the mornings, it’s burnt orange light tenderly washes over my face. A greeting of a new day, a new chance to make magic happen, a new chance to make the impossible possible. Unrolling my yoga mat my body flows through yoga postures fueled by deep breaths that fill my being. A few moments of stillness follow in a silence I haven’t known for a very long time. A silence I was once afraid of, for fear of the unknown and uncertainty.

I make my bed, tucking in my sheets, spreading my quilt made with love by my cousin and stacking pillows. My books are all on book shelves, no longer in piles. Everyone has its place. Tea tray and tea slid under the bed and although I still have unpacking to do I know where everything will be. I can see it in a way I never could before.

Breakfast is simple, oatmeal or toast with a cup of tea or coffee. I don't need anything more complicated, the simple is satisfying.

slow living, safe haven, slow mornings, dysfunctional home, plant based living, vegan

I said before I would know I’ve made it when I have these slow mornings filled with intention and mindfulness. I guess I’ve made it then, because this is has been my reality for the past few days. These mornings seem effortless now, my body welcoming the flow of a routine.

I moved this past Sunday from a place of pain and anxiety to a haven of creativity and positivity. My home was never a place of safety and security, as most see their childhood home. Growing up in a dysfunctional family meant that my home was a place to avoid. I would seek refuge in work, in the company of others. Not one of my friends has ever set foot in my childhood home, not one of them invited into the dysfunction at work there. Finding safety was an illusion in that home, at least for me.

I’ve found it here though, in my new home. Safe havens will do that for you. Slow mornings are easier when you’ve begun to create your own sanctuary. Breakfast tastes better, breath feels sweeter and everything flows.

In this sanctuary, this haven I am excited to create for all you. I am excited to explore parts of my creativity that I’ve never truly been able to express. I am excited to fill myself up so I can give more to you. So I can bring you better recipes, better advice and show you sanctuary is possible. Change is possible, no matter where you come from it’s possible. It’s about finding the courage to admit change is inevitable. It is better to change willingly than to be dragged kicking and screaming. Finding those slow mornings has been one of the most empowering decisions I’ve made for myself.

Living plant-based helped catalyze this change. Moving towards a lifestyle that represents who I am and what I value. Plants have liberated me from a cycle of dysfunction so I can experience those slow mornings. Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading. Thank you for connecting. Spirit and Abundance is a representation of all that I wish my life to be and all that I want for others. A connection to each other and the earth; a connection to self. In this season of change, let’s begin to cultivate a place of joy in the kitchen and out. We are responsible for our own destinies.

safe havens, slow mornings, slow living, toast, coffee, breakfast, dysfuncitonal home, adult child of alcoholics
Ali Lawrence