Wanderlust Trail Mix (Vegan, Gluten Free)


I love to fly. I especially love traveling through wispy layers of clouds. I half expect to find fairies or angels living among us in the fluff, lounging in this beautiful realm between the earth and stars. But more importantly, I love to travel and explore new places and things. I love to find new things to love. I blame my insatiable wanderlust on the fact I’m a Gemini, always wandering but never rooted.

Except I am rooted. I am rooted in the earth; where I plant my feet I call home.


Home is not a physical space for me. Instead it’s a feeling of content and comfort rooted in the present moment. So no matter where I go I will always be able to find home. I know this idea can be difficult to grasp, but growing up in an alcoholic home means I didn’t feel safe between the four walls of my house. I couldn’t imagine calling it home because it hurt so much to stay. Instead I felt at home over the waves of the Atlantic. I felt at home eating lotus root in China, and biking through Barcelona. I am at home when I am on the run, exploring the four corners of the earth.

My wanderlust is my home, is my contentment and my happiness. Even if that means taking a day trip to a new hiking trail or national park. It’s the journey of exploring that I enjoy the most, like I said finding new places to love.

Sometimes going home is harder than staying on the move. I am always running and finding a new place and new love to explore. I don’t know if I’ll ever grow out of this, and I hope I never will. I hope I can find someone to share this wanderlust with, children to instill a love a travel in. Because this earth is so big and so small all at the same time. Life is too short to wait till I’m brushing through waves of gray hair to see the world.

My dream is to take you all with me. To show you how big and beautiful the world is. My dream is to meet you all. My dream is to help you learn more about the hundreds of thousands of edible plants that grow on this earth as I learn. I want to help you understand how amazing and beautiful people can be despite what you see on the news or Facebook. I want you to meet people you never thought you would and discover worlds you never knew existed. Because tomorrow is no guarantee. I want us all to live in the present moment and forget pretenses and societal norms.

So as I share this wonderful journey called life with you. I share with you all the beauty and love plants can provide; I hope I inspire you. I hope you take what I have to say and start your own journey, spark your own joy and your own words.


To spark your wanderlust I give you a nutrient packed trail mix to start your journey right now. Get out, get your shoes and go find a new trail to fall in love with. Just don’t forget to take the trail mix with you.

Goji Berry and Seed Trail Mix

1 Cup sunflower seeds

1 Cup pumpkin seeds

1 Cup goji berries*

½ Cup cacao nibs


1.       Feel free to soak and dehydrate your seeds if using them raw if the spirit moves you. Or roast the seeds to have an even greater depth of flavor, just cool before moving onto step 2.

2.        Mix together all the ingredients together and pack in your favorite reusable container for an adventure!

Note: Feel free to add and substitute any nuts or seeds you would like here! Adding an additional ½ cup of toasted coconut sounds divine!

*goji berries can be difficult to find or expensive. But they are low GI if that is part of your lifestyle. If not feel free to substitute with any dried fruit but with the cacao nibs I highly recommend something like tart cherries or cranberries.

Ali Lawrence